Our Story

Created from an exploration into space and memory and inspired by the nuanced language of nature; OWIU now brings their aesthetic philosophy into the home through their ceramics and home goods line. OWIU creates keeping in mind that a ball of clay is only activated by human experience, made beautiful when molded with emotional and creative intervention, and meaningful through the maker’s interpretation.
Established as an architecture and design firm, what started as a team building exercise became a living, breathing practice for the company as a whole. Each piece is carefully designed and handmade by an OWIU team member in the Arts District studio. No work is outsourced and no two pieces are alike. Each collection explores the texture and emotion of materiality through the functionality of everyday objects.

Our Philosophy

We believe objects are tied to memories the same way spaces are linked to experiences. We hope to bring the magical process of transformation and creation to the functional products for a home.

Romantic at the core, our expression is rooted in archetypal experiences inspired by nature. The products we create are more than just objects themselves: every piece is also a container of memory made tangible and visceral. We want our line of home goods to make everyday living more beautiful, to inspire and transport the owner into the landscapes that have animated our line of home goods.


Made To Be Used

Hand-thrown, carefully crafted and thoughtfully glazed ceramics for the home, made to be used and enjoyed everyday. Our functional ceramic line and unique, bespoke pieces are suitable for use in restaurants, professional settings, and for the home. Tactile, mindfully created forms sit comfortably in hand, are stackable, and look beautiful displayed. Our products could be thoughtful gifts for a family member, friend, business partner, and the individual themselves.