OWIU Design

OWIU (abbreviated from Only Way Is Up) is a full-service Architecture and Design studio located in the heart of Los Angeles. Our fields of expertise include Architectural design, Construction, Urban Design, Sustainable Real Estate Development and Landscape Design, and Product Design.
Imbued in the practice lies an innovative and progressive mindset that naturally creates a mission to create spaces that are not just built to last, but built to evolve. We advocate for sustainability in development—the sweet spot between preservation and innovation.

Dedication to Craft

As an Architecture and Design studio, our relentless dedication to our craft is our motivation to constantly explore who we are. Through this exploration, our identity as a studio evolves with us, and our design moves in the same upwards trajectory. We create architectural, interior and product design, and landscaping solutions.

Thoughtful Design

We approach every project with a strong emphasis on aesthetics and precision of form, coupled with a strong sense of purpose and intention.