JOC × OWIU Nesting Set

Inspired by traditional Japanese meals, our nesting Ichiju Sansai set celebrates the beauty of simplicity and balance. Unlike Western meals composed on a singular dinner plate, Ichiju Sansai honors a chorus of dishes working in harmony to deliver a symphony of flavors, variety, and nourishment essential to the traditional Japanese meal.

Tableware that plans the meal for you, our Ichiju Sansai set makes every dining experience an accessible ritual.


Included In The Set

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Chu-zara Plate

This dish is designed for the main event of the meal—usually a protein of meat, fish, or tofu.

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This is an essential component to the Ichiju Sansai place setting.

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The foundation of every Japanese meal is steamed rice, deliberately plain to marry the flavors of the meal. Our rice bowl is the perfect serving size for one.

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Side Dish

Our Side Dish holds simmered vegetables, seasoned side salads, or any light addition for the perfect complement to your steamed rice.

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Mini Side Dish

Small but mighty, our Kuonomono Dish presents the essential pickled or fermented vegetables to cleanse your palate between each bite.

Designed to nest for attractive storage, each piece is carefully handmade to add luxury to your every day.

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Made In Collaboration

Just One Cookbook (JOC) was created by Namiko Hirasawa Chen (Nami) in 2011 with a focus on authentic and modern Japanese recipes. The website is not only a one-stop-shop for every home cook who wants to create inspiring Japanese meals, it also takes readers a closer look into Japan itself through cultural and travel guides around the country.

Whether you’re passionate about Japanese cuisine or simply looking to expand your skills in the kitchen and try something new, you will find Just One Cookbook to be a fascinating and reliable window into Japanese cooking and culture.