Matcha Whisk (Chasen)
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Matcha Whisk (Chasen)

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A signature of the Omotesenke Chado, this matcha whisk is intended for slow and mindful whisking, creating a fine and elegant froth. Considered rare and more specialized, this whisk shape has not changed in 400 years and features smoked bamboo harvested in the harsh winters from Takayama.

This ceremonial grade, handcrafted Uransenke whisk creates an easy, generous froth, even for beginners. Considered the most classic of whisks, this elegant tool is noted for the pearly froth that is generated from vigorous whisking according to the Uransenke Chado tradition.


Please note that each product is unique. Colours will vary slightly from item to item.

Born from a tradition of collecting ceramic pieces during travel, the first collection in the MATTER series is pulled from a series landscapes, personally visited and photographed by OWIU. These photos then serve as reference material for the meticulous glaze testing process resulting in a collection of abstract and evocative color palettes reflecting the ephemeral and ever-changing colors in nature.