Glaze Inspiration: White Sands & Desert

DesignDecember 1, 2023

Glaze Inspiration: White Sands & Desert

Meet White Sands & Desert. With the new year we are debuting two new glaze colorways to our MATTER core line of ceramics. Each glaze in our MATTER collection represents a landscape or natural element that is sentimental in our creative journey. Each landscape glaze is an abstraction of a place or a memory that is deeply meaningful to us. We are endlessly moved by the diversity of terrains, the abundance of nature, and the ever changing earth beneath us. 

This past year has been a busy and exciting time for us at OWIU. With much happening we wanted to balance this energy and commemorate a year of growth with two new glazes that evoke calm and openness. Both White Sands & Desert remind us of endless horizons, long days, and late sunsets. Subtle yet complex, these new colors celebrate a kind of quietness without leaning towards minimalism. Each piece explores a gradient of neutral tones that are made dimensional with carefully applied layers of glaze.

White Sands is inspired by morning light and pristine sand landscapes. Reminiscent of quiet walks across an unbroken pearlescent sandy landscape, this colorway incorporates textural elements to make this glaze dimensional.  A gradient of blushing soft neutrals contrasts against a slightly textured base mimics the feeling of brushing your hands over fine sand. Touches of off-white and eggshell evoke images of white pebbles and seashells. Inspired by landscapes like White Sands National Park in New Mexico and Salton Sea in California, this neutral colorway is easy to integrate into any existing dinnerware collection and adds subtle nuance and elegance to any table.

Inspired by long winding road trips through Joshua Tree and the Mojave Desert, our new Desert glaze is a bolder neutral, celebrating the vast expanses of the deserts. A combination of dusty rose and smoky taupes conjure images of desert sunsets and an unbroken horizon. Our Desert glaze features more pronounced yet abstract glaze patterns, contrasting a neutral palette with distinctive design. Quiet yet bold, our Desert collection evokes the sensual and unbroken lines of this ancient landscape. 

For us, the glaze process is emotional. Through layers of colors and texture, we attempt to capture the essence of a geo-specific memory. No piece is like another, each glaze application is done by hand and like memory, the colors are in constant movement, different in every iteration. We love the idea of imbibing memory and sentiment into our work and then sharing this care with our community. We hope every time you use one of our pieces, you are transported to one of our inspirational landscapes, if even for a moment. 


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